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CS609-System Programming Assignment No. 4 [Spring 2010]

Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted at or before Thursday 28 June 2010.
Uploading instructions
View the assignment submission process document provided to you by the Virtual University to upload the assignment.
Marking Rules
It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

o The assignment is submitted after due date.
o The submitted assignment does not compile or run.
o The code is uploaded in Microsoft Word file.
o The assignment is copied.

Assignment [Total Marks 10]

Write a C program to setup the DMA channel 2 for write cycle in Block transfer mode and auto initialization should be off. Suppose that you have to transfer 96 bytes.

Note: Submit .C files only. Do not care about output and just concentrate on logic. Your program should be error free.

Your work must be original. No marks will be given in case of cheating or copying from the internet or from any other students.

Artificial Intelligence CS607 June, 2010

Artificial Intelligence Course Code: CS607 SPRING 2010
Virtual University of Pakistan
M.A. Jinnah Campus Defense Road, Off Raiwind Road, Lahore
Assignment No. 04
Deadline date:
Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted before or on June 29, 2010.
Assignment Marks: 25
Uploading instructions
Please view the assignment submission process document provided to you by the
Virtual University to upload the assignment.
Rules for Marking
It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:
o The assignment is submitted after due date
o The assignment is copied
o To learn and understand basic concepts of CLIPS programming and Expert
Q 1) Briefly explain the following major potential errors in development stage of
Expert System: Marks 10
• Expert’s Knowledge Errors,
• Semantic Errors,
• Syntax Errors,
• Inference Engine Errors,
• Inference Chain Errors,
• Limits of Ignorance Errors
Q 2) Write a CLIPS rule which sum up area of a group of rectangles. The heights
and widths of rectangles can be specified using the following template:
(deftemplate Rectangle (slot height) (slot width)) Marks 5
(NOTE: - This problem relates to summing values using rules)
Q 3) Write a CLIPS program which takes complete name and age of user as input
from the user. Marks 5
Q 4) Write a CLIPS program which takes marks and total marks from user and
calculates the percentage. Marks 5

cs605 Software Engineering Assignment # 4 June, 2010

Due Date:

Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted before or on 30-06-2010.

Uploading instructions:

Please view the Assignment Submission Process document provided to you by the Virtual University for uploading assignments.

  • Assignment should be in .doc format.
  • Save your assignment with your ID (e.g. bx020200786.doc).
  • Assignment submission through email is highly discouraged.

Rules for Marking:

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

· The assignment is submitted after due date.

· The submitted assignment file is corrupted.

· The assignment is copied.


Your answer must follow the below given specifications. You will be assigned zero marks if you do not follow these instructions.

· Font style: “Times New Roman”

· Font color: “Black”

· Font size: “12”

· Bold for heading only.

· Font in Italic is not allowed at all.

· No formatting or bullets are allowed to use.

Assignment: (Marks:20)

Suppose you are a project manager of a company xyz. You have been asked to compute the earned value analysis of a software project. The software project has 70 planned work tasks that are estimated to require 620 person-days to complete. At the time you have been asked to do the earned value analysis, 13 tasks have been completed. However, the project schedule indicates that 16 tasks should have been completed. The following scheduling data in person-days are available:


Planned Effort

Actual Effort














































You are required to compute the SPI, schedule variance, percent scheduled for completion, percent complete, CPI, and cost variance for the project.

MGT502 Assignment 2 Idea Solution June 2010

Q.2: Explain the advantages and disadvantages associated with promoting internally to a leadership

Benefits of promoting from within

In the business world, promoting from within can provide benefits in several areas:

Recruiting - Being known as an employer who offers opportunities for career advancement is attractive to prospective hires. Interviewees are impressed when they meet employees who've steadily moved up the ranks.

Retention - When new employees see that opportunities exist for them and that there's a track record of hiring from within, they tend to stay longer with your company. Cost savings - The cost of recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding new employees can outweigh the cost of training current employees for certain new skills. It can take internal candidates much less time to become effective in a new position because they are already familiar with the company culture and its goals.

Flexibility - Newly promoted staff can assist with training their replacements. They are available for questions and can occasionally fill in at their old position if needed in emergencies.

Culture fit - Existing employees fit in with the company culture (or else I assume you would not be promoting them). Conversely, despite the most probing interview questions, you're never positive about whether a new hire will be a good culture fit or not.

For disadvantages.

1) The job may require skills not found in your company.

2) If you promote only from within, you limit the sources from which to draw candidates and you may be restricted to promoting a person significantly less qualified than someone from outside your company.

3) People who have worked in other companies bring with them new and different ideas and know-how that can benefit your team.

4) Outsiders look at your activities with a fresh view, not tainted by over-familiarity. 5) One of the major problems in interdepartmental transfers is the reluctance of department heads to release efficient and productive workers to other departments. One of the first actions of a company planning a policy of internal recruitment should be to notify all department heads and team leaders that it will overrule any attempts to keep people who could be more valuable to the organization from transferring to another position. It should also be mentioned that people who are passed over for better positions in other departments are unlikely to remain with the company, and probably will seek another job elsewhere - so both the department and the company will lose a valuable employee

CS605 Software Engineering II Assignment 4 (June 2010)

Suppose you are a project manager of a company xyz. You have been asked to compute the earned value analysis of a software project. The software project has 70 planned work tasks that are estimated to require 620 person-days to complete. At the time you have been asked to do the earned value analysis, 13 tasks have been completed. However, the project schedule indicates that 16 tasks should have been completed. The following scheduling data in person-days are available:

You are required to compute the SPI, schedule variance, percent scheduled for completion, percent complete, CPI, and cost variance for the project.


Budgeted cost of work scheduled (BCWS)
11 + 8 + 5 + 13 + 11 + 15 + 8 + 7 + 10 + 12.5 + 6 + 3 + 10 + 5 + 6 = 130.5
Budgeted cost of work performed (BCWP):
11 + 8 + 5 + 13 + 11 + 15 + 8 + 7 + 10 + 12.5 + 6 + 3 = 109.5
Budget at Completion
Schedule performance index, SPI = BCWP/BCWS = 109.5/130.5 = 0.83
Schedule variance, SV = BCWP – BCWS = 109.5 - 130.5 = -21
Percent scheduled for completion = BCWS/BAC = 130.5/620 = 0.21
Percent complete = BCWP/BAC = 109.5/620 = 0.17
Actual Cost of Work Performed
10 + 9 + 4 + 13.5 + 11 + 16 + 10 + 7 + 9 + 13 + 5 + 5 = 112.5
Cost performance index, CPI = BCWP/ACWP = 109.5/112.5 = 0.97
Cost variance, CV = BCWP – ACWP = 109.5 – 112.5 = -3
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MKT621 advertising & promotion Assignment June 2010

1: Develop a market share winning sales promotion campaign for the brand called
When planning promotional campaign keep in mind that a campaign generally consists about three desired outcomes:
1.      Our promotional message reaches to our target audience.
2.      Our message is understood by our target audience.
3.      Our message stimulates the recipients and they take achievement.
I shall use best possible combination of marketing mix to adequate resource will be allocated to each P. this marketing mix will be dynamic. Here my each decision will be customer oriented.
2: Develop a mode of advertising which could support the above sales promotion
In the process of planning you should have defined the markets, products, and environments. This information will assist you in deciding which communication channels will be most beneficial. I will use the TV and bill board for advertisement because the “People believe on their eyes and hearing.” 

3: Develop promotion budget by specifying the budgeting method for the above campaign.
I must settle on the total promotion budget. This involves formative cost breakdowns per territory and promotional mix elements. To make advertising budget, I would like to use following strategy. Percent of sales, and competitive parity techniques; by breaking down these techniques I will get a better idea on the success potential of your campaign.

CS504 Software Engineering I Assignment 4

 Deadline 28 June 2010

You have studied one tier, two tier, three tier architectures in detail and a concept of N tier architectures. Dividing Software Architecture in Tiers is especially beneficial to manage large scale projects’ complexity. You are required to find out in software engineering domain the pros and cons with respect to software development , if we work in N-Tier, where N>3.

Virtual University Proxy website for Students

Virtual University First proxy websites is designed for students who are facing a lot of problems in their Virtual University Campuses and for them who are employee. So now they can open websites of university from website easily. It give's them great experience to surf restricted websites without leaving any sign on computer. So now its the opportunity for Students from Vu Gurus team. It was an idea while a student was complaining that is not opning in their campus. So our team start working on this problem and in the end they developed this website which enable students to surf our informative website anywhere anytime without leaving a sign on computer. You may also surf other websites.

MGMT628 Assignment 2 Solution June 2010

Gaps identified
Action to be taken

oThere is a gap between the vision and strategies adopted. oEmployees are unaware of the purpose of the organization as well as from strategies.
Strategies should be linked with goals
The goals should be straight forward and simple
Employees must have facts and figures of the organization and its working

oThere is great conflict between employees’ perceptions and organizational desires outcomes. oMismanagement in one department is affecting performance of other department.
The leader should be strict
Employees’ performance should be regularly checked
The departments should not belinked

oEmployee’s commitment is low and there is no sense of ownership. OPolicies about rewards are not clear to employees.
Employees should be reward on their performance
The ownership should be distinctive
Copies of policies should be provided to employees

MGT211 Assignment 2 Solution June 2010

Job Description:

Strong professional ethics. 
Since we are dealing with International clients, it is very important for you to have exceptional English skills – both verbal and written
Ability to communicate and articulate your thoughts well
Extraordinary writing skills – you should be able to or have experience writing marketing copy / blurbs. General story writing skills do not count as relevant experience Ability to handle sensitive or negative client situations with tact Ability to manage the production and distribution of press releases through online channels
Exceptional multi-tasking skills. Ability to structure and manage multiple initiatives simultaneously and drive them to completion.

A deep understanding of the PK culture and work ethicsWeb savvy – a good grasp on online tools and resources

Team oriented. Collaborative.Demonstrated Leadership Skills – we will require evidence of past leadership roles at university or career-level Past Customer Care or Client Management experience will be considered a bonus

Candidates with the following will be preferred: Thorough experience with International Public Relations, Media handling and Online marketing, or experience working in multinational organizations
Experience working with International Clients – specifically in PK, USA, Europe and Canada
Have studied, lived or worked in Punjab
Understanding of the culture, memes and trends in the video game industry will be preferred

Job Specification:
The successful candidate for the Deputy marketing manager position will possess these qualifications

Experience - Deputy Manager marketing:10 years of progressively more responsible positions in marketing, preferably in a similar industry in two different firms.
Experience supervising and managing a professional staff of seven.

Education - Deputy Marketing Manager:Master Degree in Marketing or a related field required.
PHD in Business or Marketing preferred.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Characteristics - Deputy Marketing Manager:Strong effective communicator.
Highly developed, demonstrated teamwork skills.
Ability to coordinate the efforts of a large team of diverse creative employees.
Demonstrated ability to increase productivity and continuously improve methods, approaches, and departmental contribution. Commitment to continuous learning.
Expert in Internet and social media strategy with a demonstrated track record.
Demonstrated effectiveness in holding conversations with customers, customer evangelism, and customer-focused product development and outreach.
Demonstrated ability to see the big picture and provide useful advice and input across the company.
Ability to lead in an environment of constant change.
Experience working in a flexible, employee empowering work environment. Structured or large company experience will not work here.
Familiarity and skill with the tools of the trade in marketing including PR, written communication, website development, market research, product packaging, Microsoft software suite of products, visal communication software products, and creative services.
Experience managing external PR and communication consulting firms and contractors.
Experience in the global marketplace is a plus

MGT201 Financial Management Assignment 2 Solution

Deadline 1 July 2010

Question 1: 10 marks
Given the following information for the stock of Foster Company, calculate its beta.

Question 2: 20 marks

ABC Company is considering investing in either of the two outstanding bonds. Both bonds have Rs.2,000 par values and 10% coupon interest rates and pay annual interests. Bond A has exactly 3 years to maturity, and bond B has 5 years to maturity.
a) Calculate the value of bond A if the required rate of return is 14%.
b) Calculate the value of bond B if the required rate of return is 14%.
c) If ABC wants to minimize the Interest Rate Risk, which bond should be purchased? Why.

Idea Solution

Question stock beta#1

Vu handout page#105

Average Required ROR for all rational investors in an Efficient Market can be estimated using the CAPM Theory: Beta and Risk Free Rate of Return. 
Total Rate of Return (ROR) for Single Stock  = Dividend Yield + Capital Gain.  GORDON’S FORMULA FOR COMMON STOCK PRICING OR VALUATION USES REQUIRED RETURN r = DIV/Po + g.  In Efficient Markets, Price of Stocks is based on Market Risk (or Beta). We can formulate the required rate of return in terms of Beta risk so how can we use beta coefficient to calculate the required rate of return for the average investor in the market. The answer to it is the

Vu handout page # 114

Po*  =  DIV1  /  [ (rRF  +  (rM  - rRF )  βA ) -   g] 


DIV1= 5

g=  7%
rRF = 6%
rM   = 10%
βA = ?

Now put the values and get answer which is = βA 1.8125

Bond valuation
Bond Pricing Equation:   vu handout page#123

Bond Price = PV = C1/ (1+rD) + C2/ (1+rD) t2+ C3 / (1+rD)t3 +     ….. + PAR / (1+rD)n3


Pv = bound value
 C= coupon payment Pa   =  2000*10.100= 200
rD=  required rate of return = 14%=0.14
PAR = par value or face value=   2000

Maturity period
Bound A =   t  3      n3
 Bound B =   t 5     n5


(a)Bond A =    value  Rs: 1967
(b)Bound B=   value Rs:   1928

(b)Interest rate risk
The possibility of a reduction in the value of a security, especially a bond,  resulting from a rise in interest rates. This risk can be reduced by diversifying the durations of the fixed-income investments that are held at a given time.

According to LAWARENCE J. GITMAN 12th EDITION FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT  interest rate risk is the market interest rate fluctuation  that directly affect the bound s value that have constant coupon payment, to reduce the fear of  market interest risk diversify the portfolio as it can be spread and chose the bound with shorter duration……

So bound B is perfect decision having the shorter maturity period than bond A  

ACC501 2 Solution June 2010

ABC Co. just paid a dividend of Rs.7.50 per share. The company will increase its dividend by 15% next year, and then will reduce this dividend growth rate by 5% annually until it reaches the industry average of 5 percent, after which the company will keep a constant growth rate forever. If the required return on ABC stock is 14.50 percent, what will be a share of stock sell for today?

Here we have D0= 7.5. Supernatural growth rate Gn = 15%. Ks=14.5%
Then in Y1 & Y2, G= 15%-5% = 10% & in Y3 it is 10%- 5%.= 5%

Step 1. Calculate the dividends expected at the end of each year during the supernormal growth period.

Step 2. The price of the stock is the PV of dividends from Time 1 to infinity, so in theory we could project each future dividend, with the normal growth rate, gn = 5%, used to calculate D2 and subsequent dividends. However, we know that after D2 has been paid, which is at Time 2, the stock becomes a constant growth stock. Therefore, we can use the constant growth formula to find P2, which is the PV of the dividends from Time 2 to infinity as evaluated at Time 2.
First, we determine D3 for use in the formula, and then we calculate P2 as follows: P2=D3/(Ks-g).

Step 3. Now that the cash flows have been placed on the time line, we can discount each cash flow at the required rate of return, ks=14.5%. We could discount each cash flow by dividing by (1.145)t, where t=1 for Time 1, t=2 for Time 2. This produces the PVs shown to the left below the time line, and the sum of the PVs is the value of the supernormal growth stock.

0 Gs=15% 1 Gs=10% 2 g=5% 3


D0=7.5 D1=8.625 D2=9.4875 D3=9.04


a. Terminal or Horizon date is at end of 3 Yrs when Non-constant growth stops.

b. Do=7.5, Gs

= 15% = 0.15, N=2 yrs, g=5%, Ks=14.5%

So D1 = Do(1+Gs) = 7.5*(1+15%) = 7.5*1.15 = $8.625

AT Y2, Gs = 15%-5% = 10%

D2 = D1(1+Gs) = 8.625*1.10 = $9.4875

After 2 yrs, supernatural growth is over & normal growth of 5% starts till infinity

So D3 = D2(1+g) = 9.4875*(1+5%) = 9.4875*1.05 = $9.04

So P2 = D3/(Ks-g) = 9.04/(14.5%-5%) = 9.04/9.5% = $95.11

So Horizon value = D1/(1+Ks)^1 + D2/(1+Ks)^2 + (P2+D3)/(1+Ks)^3

ie HV = 8.625/1.145 + 9.4875/(1.145)^2 + (95.11+9.04)/(1.145)^3

ie HV = 7.53 + 7.24 + 69.38

ie HV = 84.15

So Horizon value of Stock is $84.15

So Share of Stock will sell today for $84.15

CS101 Introduction to Computing Assignment 5 Solution

Deadline 2 July 2010

Assignment: Total Marks =10

Q.1 XYZ is an organization, wants to develop the network. Total numbers of computers are 7. Which topology is best suitable for the network? Justify your answer. 4 Marks


Bus is a possible selection for networking of 7 computers due to following:
  • No server required
  • If one node is down, the overall functionality of network is not affected
  • All computers can receive the message at same time and respond accordingly


Q.2 If computer A wants to transmit the data to computer F, then
6 Marks
What condition should A satisfy?
What protocol should be used?
And how the data will transmit?


1. 1st Part (Conditions):
  • Data transmission may be counter clockwise
  • Nodes should not fail during the process.

2. 2nd Part (Protocol):
  • Sensing idle connection before data transmission
  • Re-send data if packet data is corrupted or lost

3. 3rd Part (Data transmission):
  • Data is transmitted by computer A and received by computer H
  • Computer H receives it and then re-sends it to next computer which is computer H
  • Computer H also receives it and finds it to be not related to computer H. Therefore, it passes the data to next computer which is F
  • Computer F receives the data and processes it

MTH401 Assignment 4 Solution June 2010

Solution Of MTH401 Please Download the images given below

IT430 E-Commerce Assignment 4 (Idea Solution) June 2010

Deadline 30 June 2010

The task is very simple; you have to work on two functions Encrypt and Decrypt. The encrypt function will encrypt the user input string with the help of encryption key. The decrypt function will decrypt the user input string with the help of encryption key. The output will

Idea Solution 


MCM301 Assignment 2 Solution June 2010



(a) The speech which I shall deliver to the primary school teachers will be a persuasive speech. Reason behind this is persuasive speech is delivered when behavior or opinion change is the objective. The objective here is to change the attitude and the behavior of the teachers. To persuade them to avoid physical punishment .so persuasive speech is the best choice for me in this case.

(b) I will prefer extemporaneous mode of delivery of speech. My goal is to change the behavior of my audience. If I adopt any other style of speech like reading from a manuscript, then it will be difficult for me to deliver the lecture. Another option for me is to memorize the speech and deliver it. But if I forgot in the middle of the presentation then it is a very embarrassing situation. Only the extemporaneous mode of delivery is the best choice. I can deliver the lecture in a natural way without facing any difficulty.

(c) Seating arrangement is a very important element for any gathering. Whether it is a lecture, business meeting, seminar or an informative lecture. The seating formation which I shall follow is V formation. Reason behind this is the presenter and the visual aids are easily visible to the audience.moreover, as the number of my audience is 15, so I think that this is the best arrangement for the session. V formation is a modified form of conventional class room style. It is a little bit different and interesting for the audience.

Room Setup For Presentations & Training, Marie Wallace, Jan 01, 2002.

(d) Visual aid adds beauty to the speech and lectures. They emphasize the message and the idea that is being presented. When I am delivering a speech so computer will be my choice. No doubt, there are some limitations like expensiveness, requirement of computer and graphic skills and a darkened room. but the advantages are far more than the drawbacks. I can add PowerPoint slides, videos, photos and animation to my speech. And I can make changes even at the eleventh hour.
Thursday, June 24, 2010

CS101 Introduction To Computing Solved Quiz 24 June 2010

CS101 Introduction To Computing
Solved Quiz
Spring 2010

Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 01:58:03 AM )
Total Marks: 1
In a System having many parts to be designed, one should always do the _____ first.
Select correct option:

Simple part
Development part
Quality part
None of the given
What step\steps is\are not correct in following sorting algorithm? Step 1 Repeat the following steps while the list is sorted: Step 2 Start with the first object in the list Step 3 Swap it with the one next to it if they are in the correct order Step 4 Repeat the same with the next to the first object Step 5 Keep on repeating until you reach the last object in the list
Select correct option:

Step 1
Step 3 and Step 2
Step 4
Step 1 and Step 3
Question # 3 of 10 ( Start time: 02:00:06 AM )
Total Marks: 1
In programming Software methodology ____________ is also called top down design.
Select correct option:

Object oriented design
Structured design
Flow Chart design
Use case design
Question # 4 of 10 ( Start time: 02:00:41 AM )
Total Marks: 1
Good navigation should be invisible until it is
Select correct option:

Objects are modified with ______ that are associated with that object – e.g. a resize a Window with resizeTo(150, 200)
Select correct option:

All of the above
Question # 6 of 10 ( Start time: 02:03:39 AM )
Total Marks: 1
A data value that appears directly in a statement is known as _________
Select correct option:

Numeric Literals
String Literals
JavaScript Literals
None of the given
Question # 7 of 10 ( Start time: 02:05:00 AM )
Total Marks: 1
______ are names used by JavaScript to refer to variables.
Select correct option:

None of the given
Question # 8 of 10 ( Start time: 02:05:51 AM )
Total Marks: 1
A ________ and set of ____________ for instructing a computer to perform a specific task is called programming Language.
Select correct option:

Vocabulary, grammatical rules
Sequence, related
Vocabulary, Instructions
All of above
Question # 9 of 10 ( Start time: 02:06:43 AM )
Total Marks: 1
Detailed plan of SW life cycle specifies two things that are the ____________
Select correct option:

Required resources and expected cost
Expected cost and budget
Required resources and expected deliverables
Time and cost
Question # 10 of 10 ( Start time: 02:07:30 AM )
Total Marks: 1
In Analysis of Algorithms ________ generally measured in terms of the number of steps required to execute an algorithm
Select correct option:

Logic functions

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