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MTH001 Elementary Mathematics Gdb 27 jan, 2011

If everything is fair and we toss a coin then probability of having head or tail is “1/2”. Well!! If we extend our experiment say to toss the coin 100 times. As a result, will we get 50 heads and 50 tails? Common sense says that most of the time, we don’t have exactly 50 heads. Even further labor up to 1000 times of tossing; still we don’t get exactly 500 tails or 500 heads. Then why it is TRUE that every time, while tossing a coin we say that probability of getting head or tail is “1/2”?

cs001 assignment no 5 solution 21/01/2011

The objective of this assignment is to give the students some hands-on experience to use MS Power Point for creating presentations.

You have to develop a presentation following the instructions given below.

  • Use following snapshots to develop slides.
  • There are 05 slides in total in presentation.
  • You can use images/background/layout of your choice but text should be the same for each slide.
find the attachment

hrm624 assignment solution no 2 fall 2010

Assignment No. 1 Marks: 10
Knowledge Sharing
(Case Study)
Knowledge sharing is the blessing for any organization but specifically for research and
academic institutions, where concepts, theories and knowledge generation are the best sources
of Human Resource Development. Here is a case of an organization in which a very
constructive and productive activity is converted into a useless and downbeat activity. All
employees of this organization have started an activity of daily presentations and magazine.
The main objective of this activity is to improve the communication and presentation skill of an
individual. But they have observed that the By-Product (Knowledge Sharing) of this activity
becomes more fruitful and more dominating as compared to the main objective of this activity.
Now people are more concerned in attending the presentation and this builds a responsibility on
presenter to make presentation more fruitful and better than before. This situation is ideal for
presenter, people who are attending the presentation as well for the organization
During this time, some of the culprits among employees try to deceive the management by
writing their names on presentation attendance sheet but actually they left office for the entire
period of session. This creates trouble and management takes a decision that nobody is allowed
to get entrance in the presentation without prior intimation. For that purpose, different groups
are made by the management and this division is random, without any logic and irrational. Also
people are not allowed to attend any presentation of other group. Complicated procedure of
intimation, emails, perplexity among supervisor, creates a chaotic situation. As a result, in the
presentation of very able and senior most people, only five people were there. All know the fact
that, before the implementation of this new policy, presentation room used to jam-pack. It is
very sad situation for so many people who are supporting this new idea of presentation. But
some of the advisors of higher management do not want this activity to run smoothly because
they don’t have the capability to participate. Now at this stage two pools are formed, one is
supporting the old practice of knowledge sharing with “open doors” (comprises of more than
96% of the total work force) and second group, which is very small group of people (4% of the
total work force) is in the favor of this new practice. Note that there are some people who are in
favor of old practice of “open doors” but they have no courage to express their feelings. But
after informal interviews and group discussions, they show their consent of being a part of
larger group.
With the passage of time, majority get frustrated and they start feeling so many related which
are not highlighted ever before. Like one of the employee highlighted the discrimination while
selecting the best presenter. Also people start criticizing the criteria and its transparency. Some
of the employees have reservation on the participation and topic selection. Some are saying that
few people are manipulating whole situation in their favor and get benefited. Some are raising
the issue of EEO (Equal Employee Opportunity). So there are lots of other issues raised (which
did not exist ever before) after this new policy. One can say that this is the retaliation and in the
response of this “Close Door” phenomena.
When people were asked about the solution of this issue, majority suggest that those culprits
should be highlighted and punished rather to make new policy which is not acceptable for the
majority of the people. They said that punishing whole organization due to malicious activity of
few people is not fair. This creates a mind set that all employees are deceptive and they are
being punished. But that’s not the intention of the higher management.
Consider yourself as the higher management of the organization, what will you do to resolve
this conflict? Either to continue this practice of “Close Door” policy or go with the majority
who is in the favor of “Open Door” policy. Give solid reasons to support your answer.
Note: Try to write your choice clearly (in bold) at the top and then write reasons in the bulleted
form. Please note that your choice and supporting points should be rational and brief.

Unnecessary details will result in marks deduction.

hrm624 assignment no 2 solution
Thursday, January 20, 2011

Money and Banking MGT411 assignment no 2

Question No 01
Part (A)
Calculate the impact of an increase in desired currency holdings on the money multiplier from
10% to 15% of deposits when the reserve requirement is 10 percent of deposits, and banks’
desired excess reserves are 04 % of deposits.
If the general public held currency Rs. 109 millions and deposit are Rs. 99 millions.
Part (B)
What will be difference in deposits by following a Rs. 3 billion Open Market Purchase
assuming a 5% reserve requirement
1 No excess reserves are held.
2 There are no changes in the amount of currency held by the public
A commercial bank has following data:
Total assets valued Rs. 1,000,000
Item Assets Liabilities
Interest rate sensitive 35% 45%
Interest rate non‐sensitive 65% 55%
Initial interest rate 08 % 05%
Interest rate increase 3% both in assets and liability
What will be the increase / decrease in the amount of net‐profit(interest) due to the interest rate
change? Your answer should be in absolute figures.

Cs507 information system assignment no 4 fall 2010 solution

Web application security
Dear Student
You have learned in this course about the system security risks and vulnerabilities.
That when any system goes online so it is more likely be attacked by hackers.
Hackers try to attack at the application layer of network system. Just to get into the database of system, as application layer is the bottom layer from which any computer
can access to let the data traffic comes in.

You have learned about the various technical controls that ensure security like:
• Firewall
• Antivirus software
• Network security scanners etc
From the figure, it is clear that the network firewall do not protect a web application they are only designed for network level security. It blocks unwanted traffic and activity and allow legitimate traffic in.
Antivirus software detects system level issues, not the browser.
Whereas, network security scanners are a good choice to secure network services. But they do not launch any security checks to check the vulnerabilities in web applications.
Hackers can easily hack web application firewalls as they won’t fix security holes in web applications and are not immune to attacks. Common attacks are:
1) Cross site scripting (XSS)
2) Cross site request forgery (CSRF)
3) SQL injection (SQL)
4) Buffer overflow etc
What are the challenges faced by WAFs (Web Application Firewalls) in order to secure the web applications? Write only five challenges. [ 10 marks]

cs605 assignment 5 fall 2010

Assignment No. 05

Due Date:

Your assignment must be uploaded/submitted before or on 25-Jan-2011.

Uploading instructions:

Please view the Assignment Submission Process document provided to you by the Virtual University for uploading assignments.

  • Assignment should be in .doc format.
  • Save your assignment with your ID (e.g. bx020200786.doc).
  • Assignment submission through email is highly discouraged.

Rules for Marking:

It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:

· The assignment is submitted after due date.

· The submitted assignment file is corrupted.

· The assignment is copied.


Your answer must follow the below given specifications. You will be assigned zero marks if you do not follow these instructions.

· Font style: “Times New Roman”

· Font color: “Black”

· Font size: “12”

· Bold for heading only.

· Font in Italic is not allowed at all.

· No formatting or bullets are allowed to use.

Assignment(Marks: 20)

Question No.1

What are the problems caused by the lack of Software Configuration Management?

Question No.2

Clearly defines the difference between a configuration item, a version, a variant, a configuration, and a baseline?

cs502 assignment no 4 solution fall 2010 on 20/01/2011

Question# 1
a) Give the adjacency matrix and adjacency list for the following graph. Fig 1.1 (2.5+2.5)

b) Apply the BFS and DFS on the following graph and show values in queue/stack stepwise on the following graph Take node 1 as source node. fig1.1 (7.5+7.5)


cs408 GDB 20/01/2011

Please note that the Graded discussion board of CS410 will be launched on 26-01-2011 (26th January 2011) at 12:01 AM and will last for 48 hours only.

Topic of GDB is:

Windows programming concepts" help you to develop most robust programs for Microsoft Windows. Discuss

So, Please uploaded your comments within the specicified time.
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

CS201 assignment no 4 solution 20/01/2011

Problem Statement: Price manipulation

You are required to create a class in C++ named Price with the following Data members, Data members should be publicly declared.

  • Rupees
  • Paisas

The Price class presents Price in Rupees and Paisa. For instance, Price (10, 80) means 10 rupees and 80 paisas. The Price class should have the following features as described in detailed descriptions:

Detailed Description:


Class Price must have

  • Default constructor, which must set Rupees and Paisas to zero.

  • Parameterized constructor that receives two parameters of type int and initializes its private data: Rupees and Paisas with them. Note that if Paisas are 100 or greater than 100 then also convert it in Rupees.

Member Functions

  • Create a function named Print()that displays the price of object in terms of rupees and paisas.

Operator overloading

  • A member function that overloads the + Operator to add two objects of Price.

There should be an overloaded + operators:

  • Add two objects and return Price object. Note that Paisas should not exceed 100.
  • Add first number into second objects and return Price object. Note that paisas should not exceed 100.

Output of your program should be as follows:

Price is 10 rupees and 60 paisas

Price is 12 rupees and 80 paisas

After Addition

Price is 23 rupees and 40 paisas

Cs201 assignment no 4 solution fall 2010

Mth101 assignment no 5 fall 2010

Question 1
Evaluate by using substitution

Question 2
Find volume of the solid that is obtained when the region under the curve

over [2, 5] is revolved about x-axis.

cs101 assignment no 5 fall 2010 solution 20/01/2011

Objective To enable the students design more effective and attractive Presentations. This practice will aid them to understand Slide Transition and Custom Animation concepts.

Software used to develop Assignment

MS PowerPoint

Assignment Submission Instructions

You have to submit your assignment only and only in *.ppt format. No other format is acceptable and marked as zero without checking.

Ø Slide 1 should contain Title of the Assignment, University Logo and Student’s Name.

Ø Slide 2 must contain 3 important points / information about Vector or Object Oriented Graphics along with a sample picture of Vector Graphics.

Ø Slide 3 must contain 3 important points / information about Bit-Mapped or Raster Graphics along with a sample picture of Bit-Mapped / Raster Graphics.

Ø Slide 4 must contain some points of Similarities between Vector and Raster Graphics.

Ø Slide 5 must contain at least 3 differences (points) between Vector and Raster in tabular format.

In order to make your slides interesting, make sure that each slide has a different transition except the first slide. Header and Footer should also be used containing Student ID, Slide No, and Date in footer section on each slide.

Sample slides are attached here with.

Iphone slides

Solution cs101
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

phy101 assignment no 5 fall 2010 solution 19/01/2011

Q # 1
A ray of light in air strikes a glass surface. Is there a range of angles for which total
internal reflection occurs? Explain. Marks = 4
Q # 2
Interference can occur in thin film. Why is it important that the films be thin? Why don’t
you get these effects with a relatively thick film? Where should you put the dividing line
between “thin” and “thick”? Explain your reasoning. Marks = 6
Q # 3
Light traveling in air is incident on the surface of a block of plastic at an angle of 72.7° to
the normal and is bent so that it makes a 57.1° angle with the normal in the plastic. Find
the speed of light in the plastic. Marks = 6
Q # 4
Can water waves be reflected and refracted? Give examples. Does Huygens’s principle
apply to water waves? Explain. Marks = 4

Mgt301 GDB solution fall 2010 on 21/01/2011

Discussion Question
“Nokia starts campaign for their mobile phone and want intensive advertising for acquiring consumer demand. If you are the part of that campaign, then which type of promotion strategy you will suggest to NOKIA?”

Solution can be found on this link
Monday, January 17, 2011

eco401 assignment solution 17/01/2011

For solve this problem 1st of all we have to make understanding of following things

Average propensity to consume

Is the percentage of income spent? To find the percentage of income spent, one needs to divide consumption by income

Or the average propensity to consume is the proportion of income the average family spend on goods and services


It represents as APC



The average propensity to save (APS) also know as the saving ratio

Sometimes, disposable income is used as the denominator instead, so


Where c is the amount spent Y is pre-tax income, and T is taxes

The inverse is the average propensity to save (APS).

Average propensity to consume (APC) is the percentage of income people desire to spend.

It is key to note that average propensity to consume (APC) is very different form marginal propensity to consume (MPC)

These two values are often confused.

Disposable income

The amount of income left to an individual after taxes have been paid, available for spending and saving.

Marginal propensity to consume (MPC)

In economics Marginal propensity to consume (MPC) is an empirical metric that quantifies induced consumption the concept that the increase in personal consumer spending (consumption)

That occurs with an increase in disposable income


It represents as (MPC)


The marginal; propensity to consume (MPC) function is expressed as the derivative of the consumption (C) function with respect to disposable income (Y).





Where ∆C is the change in consumption and

∆Y is the change in disposable income that produced the consumption


How to calculate marginal propensity to consume

The marginal propensity to consume MPC is a calculation used by economists to express the amount of additional income that consumer are actually spending and funneling back into general economy. It is the inverse of the marginal propensity to save.

Things you’ll need:

There are five steps

  • Calculator
  • Determine the change in disposable income from one year to the next.
  • Determine the change in consumption from one year to the next
  • Divide the change in consumption by the change in disposable income.
  • Check the figure against the marginal propensity to save , if available .the sum of MPC and MPS should always equal.1

theory of automata cs402 assignment no 4 solution 17/01/2011

Question No.1

    1. Use Pumping Lemma Version I to find whether the language below is regular or non-regular ,

anbn+2 n = 1,2,3……..

    1. Use Pumping Lemma Version II to find whether the language EVEN PALINDROME is regular or non-regular.

EVEN PALINDROM is defined as follows:

Language of all strings s belonging to ∑* where ∑ = {a,b}, such that

i) s = Reverse (s)

ii) length (s) = Even

Some strings belonging to this language are given below,

= ^ , aa , bb , aaaa , abba , baab , bbbb , ….. so on

cs402 assignment no 4 solution
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